about 19un-nuef Jewellery

Melded and gleaming on your skin.
Its quiet presence glows, luring others by drawing their senses into a sharp focus.
The jewellery’s allure is enmeshed with contradiction.
We make jewelry to wear with delicate sharp mien and costume fun, as keywords
—chic, cool, comfortable—.

Designer Profile

I started my career as a fashion designer after I studying craft design at art college. Then I reached expressing of the jewelry as things which let a woman shine even she is naked. 19 is the birth number of its designer, Matchiko. The number 1 means the start, 9 means the end and at the same time means a new beginning. Just like the meaning of 19, the contradictory beauty of her jewelry blends together to shine on the skin. She interprets the transient beauty of nature and the glitters in her memory under the theme “timeless”. Every pieces are created by high level technique, by Japanese Artisans, it is able to have its own unique aesthetic since we are both the delicately handmade fussing over the details of each form.